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Lubricators store oil and inject a preset amount of oil mist, or fog, into the air stream which is then delivered to the downstream device.
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Miniature Series - Lubricator - 1/4" Miniature Series - Lubricator - 1/4"

The miniature series lubricators are designed for applications where space is limited and flow requirements are low.

Our Price: $31.73
1/4" - In-Line Lubricator - Andonized Aluminum 1/4" - In-Line Lubricator - Andonized Aluminum

1/4" in-line lubricator provides at-the-tool lubrication to keep tools running at peak efficiency. They are an effective alternative to larger more costly units that may not deliver lubricant to the tool due to excessive line length.

Our Price: $33.70
3/8" - 26 Series Lubricator 3/8" - 26 Series Lubricator

The 26 series lubricator offers a balance of compact size and optimum flow. Utilizing a 3/8" die cast aluminum body, this series is perfect for applications where performance, small size and low cost are important.

Our Price: $42.17
Heavy Duty Series - Lubricator Heavy Duty Series - Lubricator

The heavy duty series lubricators have a long established reputation for high quality and unsurpassed reliability. A tamperproof cap allows oil delivery rate to be locked in, and once oil delivery is set,  proportional oil-to-air delivery assures constant even lubrication.

Our Price: $100.42