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Regulators provide a constant set flow of air pressure at its outlet, thus assessing optimum operation and life of the downstream equipment.
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Heavy Duty Series - Regulator Heavy Duty Series - Regulator

The heavy duty series regulators have a long established reputation for high quality and unsurpassed reliability. Their balanced design maintains precise downstream pressure, and a diaphragm stop prevents ruptures in the vent of surges.

Miniature Series - Regulator - 1/4" Miniature Series - Regulator - 1/4"

The miniature series regulators are designed for applications where space is limited and flow requirements are low.

Our Price: $17.68
3/8" - 26 Series Regulator 3/8" - 26 Series Regulator

The 26 series regulator offers a balance of compact size and optimum flow. Utilizing a 3/8" die cast aluminum body, this series is perfect for applications where performance, small size and low cost are important.

Our Price: $30.07