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We stock chain & accessories in sizes ranging from 1/4” to 5/16”. We have transport chain, Grade 70 chain, Grade 80 and 100 chain, grab hooks, choker hooks, clevis links, and many more.
  • Carabiners & Quick Links

    We stock carabiners & quick links in a galvanized steel that's zinc plated, and also in stainless steel as well.
  • Crosby® Chain & Accessories

    We stock Crosby® Chain and Accessories for those who want genuine domestic made products out of USA. We have Lok-A-Loy® Connecting Links, Master Links, Eye Hooks, Load Binders, and many more.
  • G100 Alloy Chain

    We stock G100 Alloy Chain to be made in custom lengths up to 50ft. Grade 100 alloy chain is specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of overhead lifting applications.
  • G30 Proof Coil Chain

    We stock G30 Proof Coil Chain to be made in custom lengths up to 50ft. Grade 30 Proof Coil is made from low carbon steel and is a general utility chain for such uses as farm, log chain and tow and switch chain.
  • G70 Hooks

    We stock G70 clevis grab hooks & slip hooks in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1/2". G70 hooks and fittings are not rated/approved for overhead lifting.
  • G70 Transport Chain

    We stock domestic and Import G70 transport chain in 20ft. assemblies, and custom lengths up to 20ft. G70 chain is specifically designed for cargo securement. Our G70 chain meets DOT/CVSA/CCMTA requirements.
  • Plastic Chain

    We stock Plastic Chain to be made in custom lengths up to 50ft. A light duty chain made of polypropylene used mainly for decorative purposes, as a barrier or to guide traffic. Plastic chain is durable, light weight and weather resistant.
  • Repair & Replacement Parts

    We stock Repair & Replacement parts for chain and hooks.