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We are known for our wide variety of industrial hose, as we're steadying producing them day by day for our customers. We carry industrial hose from Parker, Pacific Echo, United Pacific Distributors, GoodYear, Kannaflex, and many more.

Industrial Supply offers a multitude of items ranging from camlocks, hydraulic hose, industrial hose, pipe fittings, hydraulic quick couplers, gauges, and many more industrial type products. If you see something on the site that you would like to know more about, or if there is something that you were looking for in particular that’s not on the site, please contact us at (360) 734-6330 and we’ll be there to help you as we pride ourselves with “Service Being Our Most Important Product”.
Chemical Hose Garden Hose Petroleum Hose
Chemical hose is designed for the transfer of highly corrosive acids and chemicals for tank trucks, barge loading, storage tank, and in-plant applications that require flexibility and durability. We offer a variety of brands when it comes to chemical hose for instance Goodyear, Parker, Titan Industries, Pacific Echo, and many other brands as well. more info
We stock Garden Hose to meet your gardens need. more info
Petroleum hose is designed for the transfer of commercial gasoline, diesel fuels, oils and other petroleum products, including bio-diesel, bio –diesel blends, ethanol and ethanol blends. more info
Suction Hoses Water Discharge Hose
We stock Suction Hoses in sizes ranging from 1-1/2" to 4" in diameter. We stock the PVC Special Green, PVC Clear Corrugated, and EPDM Rubber suction hose which are our most popular types. more info
We stock many varieties of discharge hose ranging from blue, red,
and even black. We stock imported hose and domestic made hose for hose
who require heavy duty hose, for heavy duty jobs and applications.
more info