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Parker 78 Series Fittings is a Parkrimp permanent (crimp) style fitting which permits quick assembly with our family of Parkrimp crimpers. Assembly of No-Skive hose and fittings does not require removal of the outer cover of the hose. This eliminates premature hose failure caused by skiving too long or short. 78 Series Fittings has zinc dichromate plating and are used with 781, 782ST, 782TC, 78C hose (Parker Hydraulic Spiral Hose).

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Parker 78 Series Code 61 Flange Parker 78 Series Code 62 Flange Parker 78 Series JIC 37°
Parker's SAE flanges create a seal by compressing the o-ring against the port.  Parker's Code 61 flanges have a plain flange head and are rated between 3,000 and 5,000 PSI. more info
Parker's Code 62 flanges have horizontal grooves on the flange head and are rated at 6,000 PSI ( for 1" to 2" hose). Parker's Code 62 flanges also have a different bolt hole pattern and a thicker flange, when compared to a Code 61 flange. more info
Today, flared fittings are the most widely used fitting in the world.  The majority of flared fittings sold in the marketplace are 37° (JIC) and 45° (SAE).  The flared design uses the interface of two angular surfaces to create a metal-to-metal seal. more info
Parker 78 Series JIS 60° Cone Parker 78 Series Male Pipe Parker 78 Series Seal-Lok®
The Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) hose fittings supplied by Parker cover the requirements of some Japanese manufacturers. The JIS 60° Cone fittings resemble the National Pipe Thread (NPTF) fittings. more info
Pipe threads feature a tapered thread profile that provide mechanical holding power and a metal-to-metal seal.  It is a common practice to use thread sealant to assure a leak-free connection and to prevent galling. more info
The "Seal-Lok" O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) offers high seal reliability, especially in dynamic and shock loading applications.  It creates a seal by compressing an o-ring against the flat surface of the mating surface. more info