Tiger Big Cat 4.5 inch type 27 high density flap discs offer the widest footprint in the industry for grinding steel and stainless steel. The wider flaps in combination with the thicker high density profile conforms to curved and irregular surfaces better, producing a consistent finish and lasting 30-40% longer than a standard density flap disc.

The high density flap design is conformable to irregular surfaces when grinding between 0° – 15° while the 80 grit abrasive grain is ideal for blending, rust removal, cleaning, and finishing with a right angle grinder. This disc offers a metal 5/8" - 11 nut that allows for quick changeovers and prevents the disc from sticking to the spindle.

Big Cat Abrasive - 4-1/2" x 5/8” -11 UNC - High Density - Flat Type 27 - 80 Grit

SKU: 50810
    • A thicker disc with larger flaps which conforms to curved and irregulars surfaces, resulting in a consistent finish
    • Thicker phenolic back provides more stability for the thicker cloth configuration
    • Self-sharpening zirconia alumina (ZA) grains hold up under high temperatures and extreme pressure
    • Best on carbon steel, structural steel, stainless steel, and cast iron
    • Flap design results in 30-40 percent longer life than standard flap discs
    • Contaminant-free (contains less than 0.1% Fe, S, Cl)
    • 5/8" 11 metal nut allows for quick spin-on, spin-off changeover and eliminates cross-threading or sticking to spindle due to heat build-up
  • ANSI Standard: B7.1

    Brand: Weiler Big Cat

    Compatible Tool: Right Angle Grinder

    Flap Density: High Density

    Grit: 80

    Material Application: Stainless Steel, Steel

    Product Type: Flap Disc

    Application: Finishing, Grinding

    Maximum RPM: 12000

    Backing Plate Material: Phenolic

    Diameter: 4-1/2"

    Grain Type: Zirconia Alumina

    Wheel Type: Type 27