Extra heavy duty pistol grip grease gun. Cast head design. Jam proof handle return mechanism. Develops up to 7500 PSI. Includes both 18" whip hose with coupler and 6" rigid tube. Variable stroke/pressure design.

Grease Gun - Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Type - 7,500 PSI - Lincoln Model 1134

SKU: LIN1134
    • Extra heavy duty pistol grip grease gun
    • Cast head design
    • Jam proof handle return mechanism
    • Variable stroke mechanism allows for a high-pressure option for high-tolerance applications
    • Develops up to 7,500 PSI
    • Premium dual lip follower eliminates grease bypass for a cleaner work environment and no wasted grease
    • Includes combination filler nipple/air bleeder to bulk fill and easily release trapped air to keep grease gun primed
    • Includes both an 18" whip hose and 6" rigid extension for easy access to almost any grease fitting
    • Grease Gun Handle Style: Pistol Grip
    • Tube Material: Metal
    • Includes: Cast Pum Head, Rigid Tube and Coupler
    • Grease Gun Loading Method: Bulk, Cartridge
    • Cartridge Capacity: 14-1/2 OZ
    • Bulk Capacity: 16 OZ
    • Max. Operating Pressure: 7,500 PSI
    • Stroke Per OZ: 33
    • Pipe Length: 6"
    • Tool Length: 15-1/2"
    • Tether Capable: Tether Capable
    • Hose Length: 18"
    • Variable Stroke/Full Stroke: Variable Stroke
    • Tube Color: Blue
    • Nozzle Extension Type: Rigid Pipe and Flex Hose
    • Item: Grease Gun
    • Tether Style: Standard Tool (Accessory Needed For Tethering)