This specialized version of the Supra W2 is used in applications subject to vibration and/ or great variations in temperature and which cause the components of a hose assembly to expand and contract. The spring washer system maintains constant pressure aroung the hose and prevents leakage. The beveled edges protect the hose from damage. This clamp is generally fitted in high-powered diesel engines in construction machinery, trucks, buses, marine engines, military vehicles and deisel-powered generators as well as in various other industrial applications where expansion and contraction cause assemblies using standard clamps to leak.

*The maximum application pressure can vary depending on the type of hose and the geometry of the coupling.

Hose Clamp - Mikalor Supra W2 - 55-59 mm - Constant Tension Heavy Duty - P915

SKU: P915
    • Part Number: P915
    • Size (in): 2-11/64" to 2-21/64"
    • Size (mm): 55 to 59
    • Max Torque (Nm): 10,000
    • Max Pressure (Bars): 34
    • Band and Bridge: X6Cr17 Stainless steel (DIN 1.4016) (AISI-430) Screw: 8.8 grade steel Silver-white Cr3 Zinc-Plated Washers and Trunions: Stainless steel (AISI-304)