5" non-woven surface conditioning disc, Hook and loop style disc. For use with blending light scratches, cleaning and removing stains from stainless steel, deburring light. Producing satin finishes on aluminum and stainless steel, removing rust and corrosion, removing rust and oxidation, and surface preparation.

Surface Conditioning Disc - Hook & Loop - 5" - Non-Woven - Coarse - 51517

SKU: 51517
    • Have an open construction, scrim reinforcement and a superior resin system
    • Hook and Loop Style Discs
    • These features minimize loading, heat build-up, fraying of disc edges, grain shedding and extend disc life, providing superior performance
  • Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide

    Brand: Weiler

    Shape: Round

    Diameter: 5"

    Color: Brown

    Grit: Coarse

    Maximum RPM: 10000

    Product Type: Surface Conditioning Disc