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NAHAD Hose Assmebly Guidlines
Safety & Training

The safety of our employees and customers, as well as our respect to our environment, is an important value of Industrial Supply, Inc. We value the safety of our assembly workers and products, so that means all our assembly workers are trained to the latest technologies and safety requirements. Our products are carefully evaluated before we assemble them. We test every assembly before they leave our hand, to certify they are safe for our customers. We keep records of every test and give each assembly serial number tags, after they’ve been finally tested. Some of Industrial Supply’s many platforms for safety and training include:
  • NAHAD HOSE ASSEMBLY GUIDELINES –Industrial Supply, Inc. is an active participant on the board of NAHAD and the NAHAD Hose Standards Committee. All Industrial Supply assembly and sales personnel have earned certificates for passing NAHAD Hose Guidelines Specification Tests for Industrial, Hydraulic and PTFE Hose Assemblies.
  • Goodyear® Engineered Products STAR Underwriters Laboratory verified hose assembly fabrication site passes an annual UL® inspection for quality, testing and documentation.
  •  Eaton Certified Aeroquip Hose Assembly Shops
  • Crane Resistoflex® and Resistopure™ certified Teflon® and Silicone Hose Fabricator 
  • All sales personnel have completed extensive training for SSP Fittings & SSP Instrumentation by SSP Fittings, Inc.
  • All sales, counter sales and assembly personnel have successfully completed Eaton Aeroquip® Fluid Conveyance school
  • On site training on chain, cables, & nylon slings.
  • Liftex Sling Safety, Inspection, and Operation practices
  • We follow all guidelines and safety of The Crosby Group & Wire Co World Group, when it comes to making transport tow chain and using their shackles. We recommend that you practice the same guidelines when buying our products.