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Abrasives & Grinding Wheels

We stock many abrasives including grinding wheels, flap discs, flap wheels, and many more. Weiler, Pfered and Metabo abrasives can handle deburring, edge blending, stock removal, and beveling.

  • Flaps Discs

  • Fast Cut Flap Discs

  • Big Cat Flap Discs

  • Grinding Wheels

  • Wolverine Type Grinding Wheels

  • Cut Off Wheels

  • Cutting Wheels

  • Hook & Loop

  • Hand Pads

  • Scratch Brushes


Flap Discs

We stock Wolverine type abrasive flap discs, fast cut flap discs, and Big Cat flap discs. For use with deburring, deflashing, edge chamfering, grinding and finishing in one step, stock removal, and weld blending.


Scratch Brushes

We stock stainless steel, and steel hand wire scratch brushes. Stainless small hand wire brushes, brass small hand wire brush, and hand wire scratch brushed w/ scrapper. Scratch brushes, V-Groove hand wire scratch brushes. Crimped wire end brush, knot wire wheels, crimped wire cup brushes, circular flared crimped wire end brush, knot wire cup brushes, and many more.


Grinding Wheels

We stock Wolverine Type Grinding Wheels, Cut Off Wheels, and Cutting Wheels. For cutting and parting, notching, rough grinding, and weld removal.


Hook & Loop

We stock non-woven hand pads, hook and loop style surface conditioning discs, button style conditioning discs. And back-ups for button style, hook and loop style discs.

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