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We stock 2-1/2" liquid filled & dry utility gauges that come in many configurations, vacuum and pressure rated. They also feature a stainless steel body case for those who work in a corrosive environment. Liquid filled gauges are used to damp vibrations, pulsations and to minimize their effect on the gauge dial pointer. They are used primarily in dynamic and rugged applications where sudden shocks or pressure spikes might occur. Dry gauges are mainly used for industrial machines including air compressors. Ideal for environments where mechanical vibrations is not a concern and where there is little to no moisture.

  • Dry Gauges

  • Liquid Filled Gauges


Dry Gauges

Our series of dry gauges offer an accurate, inexpensive options for you pressure gauge needs. These gauges are constructed with a steel base, bronze tube and connection, brass socket, and poly-carbonate lens. All gauges come with a built in snubber. Standard gauge faces are designed with both PSI and BAR scales in a variety of ranges.


Liquid Filled Gauges

Our liquid filled gauges are dual scale (English/Metric) and are glycerin filled for top performance. They have a 2-1/2” dial and a stainless steel body case that provides corrosion resistance and durability of a permanently sealed gauge. Uses of liquid filled gauges are predominant in applications where pulsation and vibration is present.

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