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Air Hose & Accessories

We stock air hoses, coiled hoses, couplers, and connectors, blowguns, filters, regulators, lubricators, and many more air hose fittings and accessories. These can be used in many different applications for construction, automotive and commercial applications to clean up or exhaust out dust and debris to keep the job site clean and safer to work in. 

  • Air Chucks 

  • Air Chuck & Tire Pressure

  • Air Hoses

  • Air King Couplings

  • Air Tool Lubricants

  • Ball Swivel Fittings

  • Blow Guns and Fittings

  • Coiled Hose and Fittings

  • Automotive Interchange Couplers

  • Industrial Interchange Couplers

  • Dual Thor Lock Couplings

  • Air Filters

  • Air Lubricators

  • Air Regulators

  • King Safety Cables

  • Manifolds


Air Chucks & tire Pressure Gauges

We stock Air Chucks & Tire Pressure Gauges for your vehicles tires.


Air Tool Lubricants

We stock air tool lubricants and anti-freeze air tool lubricants designed to prolong the life of air tools and accessories.


Automotive Interchange Couplers

We stock many Automotive Tru-Flate Interchange Couplers & Connectors in sizes from 1/8" to 3/8".


Air Filters

We stock Filters, Regulators, & lubricators for your compressed air systems.


King Safety Cables

We stock King Safety Cables hose to hose service.


Air Hose

We stock air hoses, coiled hose, couplers, and connectors, blow guns, filters, regulators, lubricators, and many more air hose, fittings and accessories.


Ball Swivel Fittings

We stock Ball Swivel Fittings in the automotive style, industrial style, and conversions.


Industrial Interchange Couplers

We stock many Industrial Interchange Couplers & Connectors in sizes from 1/8" to 3/8".


Air Lubricators

Air Lubricators store oil and inject a preset amount of oil mist, or fog, into the air stream which is then delivered to the downstream device.



We stock Manifolds which are an excellent alternative to running hose or pipe lines from the compressor.


Air King Couplings

We stock Air King hose end couplings, male NPT, and female NPT. Sizes ranging from 3/8"-1". For air and water service only.


Blow Guns & Fittings

We stock Blow Guns & Tips for air hose and blow guns.


Dual Lock Thor Couplings

We stock Dual Lock P Series Thor Interchange Hose Barbs, Male Thread, and Female Thread Couplers.


Air Regulators

Regulators provide a constant set flow of air pressure at its outlet, thus assessing optimum operation and life of the downstream equipment.

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