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Construction Industry

ARG Industrial has been a major supplier of these specific industries to clients for over 30+ years in the Pacific Northwest but also all over the United States. Check out our amazing high-quality products. 

Check out our products below, if you see something that you would like to know more about, or if there is something you were looking for in particular that’s not on the site contact us at (360)734-6330. We’ll be there to help you as we pride ourselves with “Service Being Our Most Important Product.


Polyester Slings

We stock many types of Polyester Web Slings. We have type 3 (Eye and Eye / EE), type 4 (Twisted Eye / TE), and type 5 (Endless / EN) polyester slings. Eyes vary depending on the application.



We stock a variety of gloves for your industrial needs.


Industrial Hose

We are known for our wide variety of industrial hose, as we're steadying producing them day by day for our customers. We carry industrial hose from Parker, Pacific Echo, United Pacific Distributors, GoodYear, Kannaflex, and many more.

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