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Grease Guns & Accessories

We stock grease guns, grease control valves, whip hoses, zerk kits, and many more for all your lubrication needs.

  • Grease Control Valve

  • Pistol Grip Type Grease Gun

  • Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Type Grease Gun

  • PowerLock Grease Coupler Grease Gun

  • Grease Gun Kit

  • Grease Gun Whip Hose

  • SAE Zerk Kit Grease Fittings

  • Metric Zerk Kit Graese Fittings


Grease Guns

We carry grease guns, manual grease guns and grease control valve for all your lubrication needs.


Whip Hoses

We stock grease gun Whip Hoses in lengths 18", 24", and 36". For use on hand operated grease guns only. Allows greasing access to nipples with limited reach. Flexible, thermoplastic construction.


Zerk Kits

These Zee Line grease fitting Zerk Kits include an assortment of popular SAE and Metric grease fittings and grease fitting caps. Compatible with grease guns.

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