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Hose Clamps & Tools

We carry a wide variety of hose clamps from Dixon, Band-it, Mikalor, Midland, PT Coupling, and many more.


Constant Torque Clamps

Constant Torque (Spring Clamps Flex-Gear 45) all stainless steel heavy duty clamps use a belleville spring design to eliminate "Cold Flow" leakage in heavy duty applications and adjust with the hose and fitting to maintain constant tension on the connection, eliminating leak paths. 


Mikalor Supra W2 Heavy Duty Clamps

This specialized version of the Supra W2 is used in applications subject to vibration and/or great variations in temperature and which cause the components of a hose assembly to expand and contract. Thanks to the spring washer system, the Supra CT maintains constant pressure around the hose and prevents leakage. The beveled edges protect the hose from damage.


Punch Type Clamps

Punch Type Clamps are double-wrapped and formed to a given diameter. Clamps come ready for applications and are made in the USA.


Smooth ID Preformed Clamps

The BAND-IT JR 201 stainless steel band offers superior strength with good corrosion resistance to mild chemicals and fresh water. Smooth inside diameter provides 360 degrees of uniformed clamping surface to prevent leak paths and a lower buckle profile reduces the risk of snags and injuries when dragging industrial hoses.


Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps

Heavy Duty T-Bolt clamps provide uniform sealing pressure for a positive reliable seal. Specifically designed for use in high vibration and large diameter applications.Typical applications include truck air intake systems, cold side charge air systems, off-road equipment and industrial machinery.


Python II Series Hose Clamps

The Python II provides greater clamping force with less trouble than heavy-duty T-bolt type clamps. All 316 acid resistant bands have a smooth inner surface which grips the hose firmly whilst ensuring hose protection due to the rolled up band edges.


Vinyl Coated Loop Clamps

These vinyl coated steel support clamps provide a cleaner, more reliable installation as compared to the more economical rubber cushioned clamps. They have a heavier duty band which is vinyl coated 360 degrees, where the rubber cushioned clamps simply have a rubber insert.


Hose and Tube Clamps

These clamps are widely used for providing simple, reliable dampening support for tubes, pipes, hoses and conduits in industrial and mobile hydraulic systems, process industries and electrical construction.


Lined Clamps

Lined clamps are specially designed for use with silicon rubber and other soft hose applications. The liner protects the hose surface and prevents it from extruding or shearing through the band notches as the clamp is tightening.


Rubber Cushion Clamps

These rubber lined clamps have multiple uses for holding cable, wire, pipe and hose. The rubber cushion absorbs vibration, provides protection against scratching and is made of black EPDM type rubber. Rubber cushion clamps are used in a variety of industries and applications including automotive, truck, hydraulics and pneumatics, ship building, refrigeration, large equipment packaging etc.


Ultra-Lok Preformed Clamps

The BAND-IT Ultra-Lok preformed clamps is a 201 stainless steel circular clamp that can be used to attach hoses to pipes, fitting or secure insulation, cables, wires, or other items. The steels quarter hard temper makes it suitable for bending and shaping. A smooth interior helps provide a snug fit to help minimize leaks. An integrated lock helps secure the clamp. A hood over the lock helps prevent it from getting snagged.


Hose Tools & Cutters

We stock PVC tubing and hose cutters. They work on PVC tubing and hose up to 1" OD. We also stock cordless hand tools, loking tools & banding tools for all you clamping needs. For use with punch type clamps, Ultra-Lok, and Preformed clamps. From brands like BAND-IT, PT Coupling, and Dixon.

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